Meet the Characters

The Marshmallow Theme

The marshmallow theme began when I showed my husband this sketch, and he got a chuckle out of it. I started doing more similar sketches, quickly escalating to torturing marshmallow characters on a regular basis. I didn't quite hit 100 single-panel webcomics, but got close, before the comic ended and the project took a different turn. Below are a few of the adorable recurring characters and their stories...

Yip the Fox

Yip is, as expected, a mischievous and adorable fox marshmallow. He likes to squash other marshmallows, try to eat them when their backs are turned, and cause general low-level chaos. Nothing terribly dangerous, just... annoying. At least he's cute?

Yip the Fox in a hat


Ginger the Giraffe

Ginger the marshmallow giraffe is a sweet, happy creature. She tends to skip frequently and is often seen smiling. It might be her proximity to the sun that helps her attitude.

 Ginger the marshmallow giraffe, happily skipping


Caramel the Puppy

Caramel the marshmallow puppy is as sweet as she looks! She's a cute boxer mix who first came to life on an exclusive holiday button and was so beloved that she needed to exist elsewhere :) She enjoys running through fields and chasing deer. She has no idea what she would do with one if she caught one, though.

Caramel puppy running with a hat


Isaac the Penguin

Isaac, the cute marshmallow penguin is based on my wonderful nephew who loves penguins. Being from Antarctica, Isaac is always ready for the cold weather and looks adorable in his ear muffs and scarf. He's a very loveable, if chilly, bird.

 Isaac the kawaii marshmallow penguin with ear muffs and scarf


Isaac's Penguin Family



Indigo the Dragon

This super cute purple dragon is always ready for a party! He'll even light any candles for you with his flame breath. Which is a conundrum, because how does a marshmallow dragon have flame breath and not melt/turn crispy?!

 Indigo the cute marshmallow dragon

Daiquiri the Bunny

I named Daiquiri after my favorite adult beverage. So pink, so adorable... so tasty. Daiquiri Bunny love his veggies, and he's generally pretty friendly. If you get him angry, though, he'll bean you with his veggies.

 Daquiri, the cute marshmallow bunny with carrots