About Twitchy Kitty Studio (WIP)

Twitchy Kitty Studio was named after this siamese, who lived with me from when he was a tiny 8-week old kitten. He was 13 years old when he passed, with some serious health issues. I often referred to him as Old Man Kitty online. His given name was Deviant, and he lived up to it. He was very lovable, fairly social, and completely in love with my hair. En memoriam, Feb 1, 2003 — Sept 30, 2016.


Below is the actual, physical "Studio Proper”. It’s where I occasionally do actual work! I’ve even managed to paint the floor (partly by dropping a loaded palette just off the drop cloth. The irony does not escape me) and the wall by the drawing table!

Studio in use

 While I’ve learned since putting the studio together that there’s not nearly enough room to actually work on various phases of projects — and there are certain projects I simply cannot work on in the studio itself — it is in fact, not just a work space, but also a retreat from the outside world. But not a retreat from cats. That’s just not possible.


About the Artist


I’m fairly laid-back and casual. Don’t let that fool you, though. I’ve earned over a decade of experience in the graphic arts fields, in which I still hold a day job. I’m tenacious when I get something under my skin and will do what is necessary to achieve my goals.

Outside of the day job, my husband and our various critters keep me pretty well occupied. As if that weren’t enough, I volunteer with Girl Scouts and I’m a member of the Rockford Art Guild.

I’ve been creating ever since I could slap my hands in paint, which is a very long time ago. Mostly, I work in acrylic, marker, colored pencil, digital, and ink. Occasionally, I’ll drift over to fiber arts and small sculpture, but not for very long. I’ve recently taken up crochet during the cold months when I’m not at all productive in any other fashion.