Front cover of journal held by a left hand on a lap. Outside over patio bricks. Journal cover is gradient darker to lighter green with a flower pattern in light green/yellow. Cute pink and white marshmallow with a trumpet vine flower on his head bunny dancing in center of cover. "Enchanting" written in orange underneath the bunny.
Photo of journal cover: gradient darker to lighter green with a flower pattern in light green-yellow. Adorable pink and white twist marshmallow bunny with an orange trumpet vine flower covering his left ear, dancing in the center of the cover. "Enchanting" is written in orange-red gradient underneath the bunny.
Back cover of journal. Features darker to lighter green gradient and floral pattern in light green/yellow. Copyright information and logo in bottom left corner.
Open journal showing perforated interior pages featuring lined paper.

Enchanting Daiquiri Hardcover Journal

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“Will you write my story for me?” 

Daiquiri loves to be the center of attention. He found a trumpet vine with hummingbirds drinking from the flowers. A really nice one looked like it would make a great hat. So, the fast little mallow bunny he is, he zipped up there and snagged it right out from under the hummingbirds who couldn’t catch him. 

Woo hoo! He had his prize. But when he popped it on his head, he found out that it was still full of nectar. 

Splash! Right on his head. 

He thought it was so funny that he giggled and laughed all the way home. 

Daiquiri has many tales like this to tell. But he isn’t very good with words. He would love your help writing them all down so others can giggle and laugh all the way home, too.

• Two Sizes: Small - 5.75”x8” & Large - 7.25”x10”
• Sturdy/Durable Hardcover
• Luxurious Soft-Touch Matte Laminate Finish
• 150 Lined Pages
• Perforated Pages for Easy Tear-Out

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