June Shipping Updates

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 Shipping Updates

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Items fulfilled in-studio are currently scheduled for shipping on Thursdays. I prep paint kits as the orders come in, and that sometimes takes a couple hours per kit. When possible, I'll also ship on other days, but this will at least give you a definite ship date :)
For print on demand items that I cannot fulfill in-studio, shipping times vary significantly. T-shirts are typically fulfilled in the US and print vendors are getting caught up! Regardless, I believe it's currently a couple weeks from order to shipping.
Neck gaiters are fulfilled in the US or Mexico, depending on stock availability. Those seem to be processing within a fairly reasonable time frame though still a bit slower than I would normally expect.
Face masks are being made and shipped within a reasonable timeframe from order— the current bottleneck apparently is customs. I wasn't able to find a mask I liked produced in the US (yet?), so these are sourced from China. The quality is good, it's getting them here that's the tricky part. I understand this is a global shipping issue and many packages are getting stuck in customs longer than normal. (I'm currently awaiting a package from Latvia that's scheduled for delivery by today, but it hasn't left Latvia yet.)
I'm seeing many messages/posts/etc from other independent artists facing similar issues. The good news is e-commerce is going strong. The bad news is... nothing else is. 
Thank you everyone, for your patience during this crazy time! I appreciate each and every one of you more than you could know.
Here's a couple sources that go over some of the insanity in the shipping industry over the last couple months:

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