Into 2019

2018 recap 2019 studio news

2018 ends bittersweetly, and we have high hopes for 2019. We lost our elderly boxer (13 years) to cancer right before Yuletide began. My husband got sick for Christmas. But, on positive notes, the studio puppy is growing into a wonderful studio dog. (I think she's finally stopped pooping in the studio. I hope.) And I hosted my first ever pop-up shop thanks to the graceful Kate's Pie Shop (who, by the way, makes amazing pies of all varieties!). 

2019 begins with Twitchy Kitty Studio becoming part of the 317 Art Collective, which I'm very excited about. I'm hoping to renew my Rockford Art Guild membership soon as well. 

Plans for 2019? So far... vend at 4 or more events, volunteer at 2 or more events, add new designs to greeting cards and apparel... well. Let's just say 2019 is looking to be busy, in many ways. It's going to be difficult to keep up with studio work considering the day job is also extremely busy, but I still like and currently need the day job, so I'll do my best and see what happens.

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