Hail and Welcome: TKS Website 2018


It's been quite a year so far. And it's not over yet! Gytha, the studio mastiff puppy, is now a year old. Much more manageable than a tiny puppy, but still plenty of energy :)

The website is undergoing some massive changes and updates, including getting set up with Shopify. As I've started digging into all the options and capabilities, I get even more excited about this change in particular!

Be patient with me — I'm a one person show, and we have a bunch more changes coming up in the next month. To set expectations for orders: Original art and sticker sheets in the online shop will ship within 2 business days. Journals are currently in short supply, but as long as I have stock, they will also ship within 2 business days.

Thanks for your understanding!  Let's look forward to the rest of this year together!

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