Face Covering Update

face covering

I just read this morning about the new study from Duke University testing the efficacy of various face coverings. On the one hand, I'm disappointed neck gaiters have been determined to actually be really bad for pandemic protection, especially all on their own. On the other hand, I'm grateful to find that out now rather than much, much later.

SO. I've discontinued neck gaiters from the shop for the rest of the pandemic. Neck gaiters are awesome for the things they are intended for — keeping pollen, dust, bugs, and other irritants out of your nose and mouth while you're motorcycling or adventuring in the outdoors. Also as a pirate headscarf. I love wearing mine as a headscarf. My husband giggles at me when I do, but that might be because I start saying "arrrrrrrrrrgggghhhhh" a lot.

ALSO. I've settled on a new supplier for printed face masks. So those are going up in the shop by end of day Saturday!

In case you missed it (there are a lot of news sources with articles regarding the study), here's one link to give you an idea of the concerns: 


Honestly, I'm not sure if it's neck gaiters in general or fleece specifically. The neck gaiters I've been carrying are polyester. However, for caution's sake, I'm pulling them anyway. The masks I'll be replacing them with are 100% cotton and multi-layered with a filter pocket. Much better any way you look at it, and I had been intending to switch anyway.



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