2020 Pandemic Updates

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It's early April as I write this, and my home state has been on Stay at Home orders for about a month. We're doing OK, I'm working from home for my freelance client for now and going out only for necessities. Pretty sure studio dog is happy with the current arrangement. She comes into the studio and cuddles up as long as she wants to, and wanders off when she's ready to. Studio cats don't seem to mind either.

The biggest challenge right now is that orders may be delayed due to the circumstances. I removed hoodies from the shop for now as the suppliers I currently work with for those are either temporarily closed or unable to ship where I would need them to. T-shirts are currently still in production, but do seem to be slower than normal. If you have placed an order — or if you will in the near future — please be patient. Things are still moving, just a bit slower than expected. 

I hope you all are doing as well as can be expected. We'll get through this time together, even though we're apart.


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